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ServiceLane Service Data Mining STEP 1 | Our Powerful Algorithms Search a Service Database and Indicate Potential Sales Customers

ServiceLane Direct Markting STEP 2 | ServiceLane then Markets Directly to these Potential Sales Customers

ServiceLane New Sales STEP 3 | Your Dealership Gains New Sales, New Service Clients, and Valuable Trades

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About ServiceLaneSM

Create New Sales Customers from Your Loyal Service Clients

ServiceLaneSM The ServiceLaneSM program aims to incentivize your loyal service customers and encourages them to become your newest sales customers. The ServiceLaneSM program mines your current service database for potential sales customers and then motivates those potential customers to purchase a new vehicle from your dealership. You not only make a new sale to a loyal service customer, you may also gain a valuable, low cost trade for your used car lot!

Our special event sale runs regularly to help you capitalize on potential opportunities before they shop elsewhere—ServiceLaneSM delivers sales to your store!

  • Maximize sale prices on vehicles for which you have a service history. Home grown vehicles sell anywhere from $1,000 to 10% more depending on make and model
  • Convert purchasers of your home grown used franchise vehicles into service customers. If a used vehicle has been maintained in your service department, a new owner is more likely to continue to service the vehicle with you. ServiceLaneSM reaches these customers and tracks their conversion.
  • Your ROI as a partner in the ServiceLaneSM program is definitive. You will know the specific details of every customer who buys as a direct result of the ServiceLaneSM program.

The ServiceLaneSM program is a combination of marketing muscle and brainy engineering. ServiceLane’s software initially analyzes the previous 6 months of your Service Department data and generates a list of Prospective Sales Clients. ServiceLaneSM then markets to those Prospective Clients with a combination of targeted campaigns. The campaigns are designed to motivate Loyal Service Customers to become your newest Sales Customers. ServiceLaneSM then continues the process in subsequent months by analyzing current Service Department data and running regular marketing campaigns.